#mywildCanada Photo Album

bradjnning tree     Photo by @ExplBackcountry

mich1100 kayaking      Photo by @MIsh1100

dunner paddling big water      Photo by @dunner185

northern washington almost canada moosefish      Photo by @moosefish

mish1100 canoe and snow      Photo by @Mish1100

paddle in canoe with daughter      Photo by @Paddle_In

two4adventure northface tent      Photo by @Two4Adventure

mywildcanada trail swag      Photo by @Trailswag

two4adventure thumbs up      Photo by @Two4Adventure

#mywildCanada Tweeters always share great photos. Join us Wednesdays at 2pm EST to chat and share you #mywildCanada photos!


elfndragon - fog on lake with canoe paddler     Photo by @ElfNDragon


paddle in paddling     Photo by @Paddle_In


pompom the navigator     Photo by @CanadianVoyage


levacas red canoe     Photo by @levacas


Elfndragon big muskie big smile     Photo by @ElfNDragon


mish1100 fishing family     Photo by @Mish1100


Featured Image -- 76     Photo by @mitchandgeorge


paddle in pics Photos by @Paddle_In

paddle in with child Photos by @Paddle_In


moosefish snow     Photo by @moosefish


 bcoutdoor canoe on car






Photo by @bcoutdoor



redndragon canoe ice     Photo by @ElfNDragon


cdn voy bird     Photo by @CanadianVoyage


ElfNdragon timmies lawnmower     Photo by @ElfNDragon


paddle in axes





Photo by @Paddle_In




bcoutdoor boy on car     Photo by @bcoutdoor


gr8twhitenowhere deer outhouse     Photo by @Gr8whitenowhere


bcoutdoor sleeping boy     Photo by @bcoutdoor


two4adventuremywildcanada     Photo by @Two4Aventure


trailswag dehydrated meals     Photo by @Trailswag


gr8whitenowhere fish     Photo by @Gr8whitenowhere


bcoutdoor food 1     Photo by @bcoutdoor


mish1100 food chicken and pasta     Photo by @Mish1100


totem blaze canoe near damn        Photo by @totemblaze


     Photo by @totemblaze


jake2011 canoe mirror image on lake     Photo by @Jake_2011


gr8whitehnowhere doggy     Photo by @Gr8whitenowhere


totem blaze mushroom     Photo by @totemblaze


gr8whitenowhere wild carb apples     Photo by @Gr8whitenowhere


paddle in with kid and wife     Photo by @Paddle_In


paddle in canoeing nice sunny day     Photo by @Paddle_In


kawartha lake mom OTG coffee mug      Photo by @KawarthaMums


djmcphail canoe on still water     Photo by @djmcphailphotos


canadian voyageurs peek a boo deer     Photo by @CanadianVoyage


dogtoothkenora great nature shot     Photo by @dogtoothkenora


totemblaze canoe on dock at twilight      Photo by @totemblaze


totem blaze lily pads     Photo by @totemblaze


two4adventure picking up litter     Photo by @Two4Adventure


levacas moose in water Photo by @levacas

canadian voyageurs beaver     Photo by @CanadianVoyage


paddle in foreground canoe in back     Photo by @Paddle_In


totem blaze home made gear       Photo by @totemblaze


two4adventurehomemade bag     Photo by @Two4Adventure


two4dventurelesstroud     Photo by @Two4Adventure


gr8whitenowhere purple flower     Photo by @Gr8whitenowhere


adamhillstudio northern lights     Photo by @Adamhillstudios


bcoutdoor old days camping     Photo by @bcoutdoor


gr8whitenowehere saskatoons     Photo by @Gr8whitenowhere


totemblaze gun lake     Photo by @totemblaze


onlyonealgogirl canoe pose     Photo by @OnlyOneAlgoGirl


onlyonealgogirl gabrielle the cat     Photo by @OnlyOneAlgoGirl


explore150 2 moose     Photo by @Explore150


IMG_1663 (800x408)     Photo by @CanadianVoyage


IMG_1510      Photo by @CanadianVoyage




































About Canadian Voyageurs

Crossing Canada by canoe. Filming our experience.

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  1. I cant tell you how much I love this, but I REALLY love this! Great idea!


    • Canadian Voyageurs

      It was thanks to meeting inspiring like you that I got the idea! Canada needed a chat and then the chat needed a website…. and a photo album… and I am opening a video page! Start linking! #mywildCanada is a great place for bloggers and photographers to share their work. You can meet like-minded people and learn all about #mywildCanada.


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