My Wild Canada Camp Out 2014

Thank you Tales of Me – aka @levacas on Twitter for planning this wonderful event! The response is amazing already! Can’t wait to meet everyone at the #mywildCanada Twitter Camp – we can all sit around the campfire and tweet each other in person! Hahaha

Tales Of Me

Well my friends, we’ve been chatting with one another for quite some time now, some of us longer than others. We’ve shared a number of our experiences with each other and I think it’s time we all got to experience our wild Canada together!

This will be the first ever, and who knows, maybe even annual, My Wild Canada Camp out. It will be held Saturday September 27th – Monday September 29th 2014. Our destination will be the big, beautiful and wild Canisbay Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario.

The goal for the My Wild Canada Camp out is to have fun! Which won’t be hard to do since all of our favourite activities will be at out finger tips! There will be hiking, canoeing/kayaking and fishing galore! Fun things that we can all do together as we get to know one another face to face!

At this early stage of…

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About Canadian Voyageurs

Crossing Canada by canoe. Filming our experience.

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