Proud to be Canadian

I am very proud to be a Canadian, I love our beautiful natural surroundings and our abundant wilderness areas.  Canada has so much to offer, so much to explore. We have it all: forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans – just waiting for us to enjoy.  When out in the Canadian wilderness you can be sure to see lots of wildlife, we are very fortunate to have such abundance and diversity.


Canada is one of the most amazing places on earth.  Our vast wilderness expanses lure people from all over the world; Canada is well known for it’s spectacular scenery.  Of course, many Canadians are die hard outdoor enthusiasts who love spending every moment of their free time fishing, hunting, boating, climbing, camping and discovering all the other ways to play in our amazing backyard.  ‘Untouched and unspoiled’ still exists here in #mywildCanada – something that cannot be said in many overdeveloped countries.

IMG_0061 2

Exploring Canada’s back-country wilderness is one of my favorite pastimes. I never know what spectacular scenery waits for me around the next corner.  Whether I am driving in my Jeep, kayaking the whitewater, canoeing the countless bodies of water (lakes, rivers and oceans) or backpacking, I am the most content when I am immersed in nature.  The further I can get from civilization, the more I like it.


Something happens to you when you are completely surrounded by nature, when all you hear are the sounds of the birds, the breeze rustling the leaves in the forest – the distant call of a wolf.  Something happens to you when all you breathe is clean fresh air;  when all you feel is the sun on face and the warm breeze caress you.  Spending time in nature is good for you, it’s healing.

IMG_0079In Canada you can go for days, weeks and even months (if you’re lucky) in the wilderness without seeing another soul.  You don’t even have to drive that far from our most populated cities either to find such isolated places.  Canada really is a nature lover’s paradise.  #mywildCanada was created to showcase this wonderful country and share it with the world.  By sharing our exceptional beauty with the world, we can make others fall in love with our great wilderness and that is one of the best ways I know how to protect it for all us to enjoy forever.


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#mywildCanada is the best place on earth.  Coast to coast, there is something for everyone to see and enjoy.  We have the best of all the seasons right here at home.  If you’ve never been here, you don’t know what you’re missing – and if you have – then you know exactly what I am talking about!

#mywildCanada would love to hear about your stories about the best place on earth.  Please share your experiences and how you feel about Canada with everyone!

About Canadian Voyageurs

Crossing Canada by canoe. Filming our experience.

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