TTLastSpring Campfire Reading in Algonquin – Saturday September 27, 2014

This is one of the highlights of the event. What a treat this is, such a special opportunity. We are thrilled to learn about Canadian history while at the very place where it happened and enjoying activities like sitting around a campfire like people did 100 years ago .
We all feel privileged that we will have you as a guest.
Thank you on behalf of all Canadians for doing what you do – you are an amazing entertainer and a great gift to mywildCanada.

Tom Thomson's Last Spring

Hello everyone,

wpid-wp-5322.jpgI have been tempted to step out of the Twittersphere to do campfire readings from my journal.

This will be happening on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 at Canisbay Lake Campground in Algonquin Park.

Here are the salient details:

  • I plan to appear at sunset (7:02pm EDT) at the My Wild Canada Campout
  • I will do selected readings from the Journal of My Last Spring. I plan to have some new (i.e., previously unrevealed ) material.
  • I will entertain questions about my life, the mystery, and speculate on what will be in store for next year.
  • Finally, to close out the event (about an hour’s length), I will propose a toast – “Pour One for Tom.” You guessed it – that first shot of whisky will be poured into the ground in his honour to reflect on what we have lost in him, but also on what we have gained from him.

After these formal proceedings…

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