How do I join or host a #mywildCanada #Twitterchat?

You’ve never heard of a #Twitterchat before?  That’s ok, I never had either.  I’ve only been on Twitter for about six months and some of this language can get confusing.  So what is a #chat and how do you join?

A #twitterchat is what you call a conversation that is engaged by someone, a host.  This host will ask questions about a certain topic (#mywildCanada) and everyone is invited to join in.  It’s super easy and tons of fun. Side conversations are often started and new friends are made.  If you are looking for a way to distract yourself for an hour, a way to add fun to your dull day – then check out #mywildCanada #Twitterchat – it happens every Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm, eastern time.  When you join a #chat, you are sure to meet like minded people and gain new followers.  #Chats talk about all kinds of things, so it’s a great place to learn and also a great place to share what you know.

To join a #chat – just follow these steps:

  1. Find out who is hosting the #chat and follow them – this way you will get the notifications.
  2. Find out what time the #chat is and set your alarm or a reminder – so many people get distracted and forget, then get mad because they missed it – don’t get mad!   Set a reminder – we want you to be happy.
  3. Get your photos ready.  Chats are a great place to share photos, often there are prizes and the host will ask for photos, so get ready by going through your albums and setting aside your best #mywildCanada photos.
  4. is a  place to join and follow chats.  You can type in #mywildCanada into the search bar and add a column for this chat – you can easily tweet your answers and follow the chat at the same time. (This is just a suggestion, you can easily follow a chat on Twitter – just wait for the notifications from your host – they will be tagged #mywildCanada)
  5. The last thing you have to do is just join the chat.  In order to be part of the chat you will need to follow the format.  Always answer the questions with A1, A2, A3 (answer 1, answer 2,…) in reply to the host’s questions which will be formatted Q1, Q2, Q3… and so on.  Always use the hashtag #mywildCanada in each tweet – that is what “ties” you to the chat.

To view tweets that pertain to #mywildCanada and all previous chats, photos, videos you can simply type in #mywildCanada into the Twitter search bar and see everything that is related there.  You can always come to this website – which also has recaps and highlights of past chats, photos, links, blogs and videos all about #mywildCanada.

Hosting is something else altogether, but don’t be intimidated, it’s the most fun you can have on Twitter!  And with #mywildCanada everyone is invited to be a host.  You can chose a theme or decide to ask random questions, it’s up to you.  You can give out prizes if you wish also, sometimes we have prizes available from other participants or sponsors for you to give out. (prizes are not necessary at all though) When you are the host you can ask the questions you want.   We normally go through 5 to 10 questions and sometimes more.  The chats always last at least an hour – from 2 pm to 3 pm – and sometimes they run longer if the host wants to stick around and if others can also.  we’ve had chats last until 3:30 pm.   Tweeter will continue to tweet their answers throughout the week sometimes – conversations get started….   After have asked your first question, just join in the chat – wait a few minutes and fire off the next question.  One of the best things about hosting is how much fun it is – the hour goes by so fast you cannot believe it.  It’s a challenge to keep up sometimes!  When I host, I often have to go back later to see all the tweets I missed.  When you host you will always meet new people and make new followers.  Always.  If you would like the opportunity to host a chat – simple private message @CanadianVoyage and the next spot can be yours!

Companies are also invited to host.  Of course we encourage you to offer a prize, it really increases turn out.  Customers are happy to know that companies care about what they have to say and people get very excited when they hear there will be prizes.  Participants get very excited when a company is hosting a #Twitterchat!  For the company the benefits are many – hosting a #mywildCanada #chat is great public relations and a sure way to get you new followers, as well.  It’s a great way to boost your popularity! If you would like the opportunity to host a #mywildCanada #twitterchat simply private message (and follow so I can answer you) @CanadianVoyage with the date you have in mind and the topic you would like to chose.

So the last thing you need to do to join the #mywildCanada chat is grab a coffee and a snack – take a break on hump day! #mywildCanada chat – 2pm EST. Wednesdays – we’ll be expecting you!

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