#mywildCanada #Twitterchat Topic: #Invasivespecies Sep 3 2014

On September 3rd host @Kawarthamums guest hosted #mywildCanada’s weekly #twitterchat.  Wednesday afternoons on Twitter at 2pm EST, like minded people meet up and talk about the great Canadian outdoors.  #mywildCanada is a source of valuable information for Canadians and visitors alike.  The topic #invasivespecies was explored for the first time by #mywildCanada – here’s a recap of the #chat:

300-gypsy-moth-3317132 Photo from cbc.ca

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Invasive species are a serious problem.  Native vegetation, insects and animals are at risk.  Entire eco-systems can be affected.



Education is one of the best weapons we have. #mywildCanada needs to be protected.



It’s been suggested that one way to get rid of an invasive species is to eat it:



Did you know that volunteers play a vital role in protecting our natural habitat from invasive species?  Sharing information and getting involved – it’s how to stay on top of it.



Links to great websites and articles that provide more information about invasive species #invasivespecies in #mywildCanada:

Ontario Environment and Energy/Wildlife and Nature

Protect Your Waters

CBC – 10 Invasive Species Threatening Canadian Habitats

Aliens in the Park

Nature Conservancy of Canada – Getting rid of invasive species…

Canadian Geographic – Amphibians threatened by non-native species…

CBC – Invasive plants take root in Canada

Stop the Invasion

Nature Conservancy of Canada – Zebra Mussels

Ontario Invading Species

Invasive Species Center


Nature Conservancy of Canada – A Guide to Invading Species



Here is an interesting video about Crayfish in the Kawarthas:


As always #mywildCanada chat was fun, informative and everyone is sad to see it end…



Next week #mywildCanada #chats about: BUGS!


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