Promote your Business on the Canadian Voyageurs’ Canoe

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Have you heard the news?

We, the Canadian Voyageurs are going on an EPIC journey!


In modern style with high tech gear we are following in the footsteps of the original Canadian Voyageurs – retracing their fur trade routes.

We are promoting Canada’s amazing wilderness and we have a message to deliver:

Get Outside and Reconnect with Nature – Life is Adventure!

We want to revive the canoe – bring it back to the “main stream”…


Photo taken in September 2014 – the first #mywildCanada Twitter camp out in Algonquin Park!

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We are the creators of the #mywildCanada Twitter chat and we are doing something that has never been done before: We are talking the weekly chat on the road with us.  The #mywildCanada chat keeps growing, our guest hosts include some of the biggest names in the outdoors industry.  Our reach varies from 150,000 to a half million – on a weekly basis.

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We are making a photo journal of our journey.  With the film footage we take, we are creating a documentary of our experience.


This week, we are picking up our graphics with our logos for the canoe and we have room for yours!

We are offering advertisement space on our canoe.  We can promote your business as we cross this vast country of ours – a 4 to 5 month journey…. We can also promote or test products and/or provide gear reviews. Videos and photos will be uploaded to social media.

Already Inreach Canada is on board (we are ambassadors for the Explorer – GPS communications with two way texting and the ability to post to social media.)  Followers can stay engaged with us on our epic journey!

We have nationwide radio coverage:

Our My Wild Canada Youtube channel keeps growing at a steady pace, it currently has over 630 subscribers with over 127,000 channel views –

Our @CanadianVoyage account on Twitter keeps climbing – today we have 1837 organic and engaged followers.  We host the #mywildCanada chat – returning to bi-weekly chats: Wednesday at 2pm and Sundays at 7pm EST.  See for more details and recaps.

We have three FB pages that we manage: our personal page has over 2000 friends.  Our Canadian Voyageurs 2015 has 552 Likes: – As we live off grid ourselves, we also have the following group with over 8300 members – Off Grid Wilderness Living:

So – will you help us on our journey?


We love Canada and we want to get out there and promote our wonderful and amazing wild spaces – we want to inspire people to LIVE LIFE – GET OUTSIDE – GO FIND ADVENTURE!

photo by @CanadianVoayge

photo by @CanadianVoayge

We’d LOVE to have you come on board!

With the help of sponsors – we will be able to create a professional documentary and make this a fantastic voyage – let’s blow it right out of the water!

Our latest addition to our off grid lifestyle - a lightweight Kevlar canoe by Swift.

Our latest addition to our off grid lifestyle – a lightweight Kevlar canoe by Swift.

We’d love to hear from you!

For more information please feel free to email: celinegerry at

Or call Celine or Gerry – the Canadian Voyageurs – 705-332-1387

About Canadian Voyageurs

Crossing Canada by canoe. Filming our experience.

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