About Us – Who are the Canadian Voyageurs


Who are the Canadian Voyageurs

We are, Celine and Gerry, ordinary people who are trying to create positive changes in the world. We are a married couple, parents and lifelong advocates of the environment. The culmination of our life experiences has prepared us for this wilderness expedition. We are well prepared to undertake such a challenging endeavour.  We have spent a great deal of time exploring Canada’s remote wilderness areas. With our Advanced Wilderness First Aid certifications, white water and ocean kayaking and numerous backpacking trips under our belt – we are well prepared.

We feel it’s important to document our wilderness areas, and capture Canada’s vast water systems.

We spend a great deal of time in the outdoors.  We lead a different lifestyle than most people – we live off grid in the remote wilderness of Northern Ontario.   We used to live in the city, we left that rat race behind.   Our “less is more” approach to life is allowing us to go on such a long journey.  It’s taken us years to save up to prepare for this expedition.  We’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours preparing to make this epic journey accross Canada become a reality.

We chose a canoe as a mode of transportation because it fits our low impact, low cost – green way of life.  It’s healthier for us and for the environment.  From toddlers to seniors – novice to world class athletes – everyone has fun in a canoe.   Canoes are affordable and durable with very little maintenance required, just the savings in gas is tremendous.  Unlike motorized recreational vehicles – they do not damage our environment – they do not pollute the water and air, nor do they disturb wildlife – you often glide along completely unoticed.  There is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else, a feeling you get when you use your own energy, when your own power propels you and your craft.  When paddling, you have the time to appreciate and soak in everything around you.  Anglers, hunters, photographers, film makers, nature lovers of all ages take advantage of their silent nature. Paddling a canoe is an excellent way to stay fit.   The canoe is for all fitness levels and knows no social bondaries – it’s for everyone!

Spending time outside in the fresh air and connecting with nature is important to our well being.  Staying active is important for our health.

Something amazing has already happened as we prepared for this jorney. We joined social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  While on Twitter we also created a new weekly chat about Canadian wilderness, Canadian bloggers, Canadian gear, Canadian parks – we called it #mywildCanada and it’s become a HUGE success!

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