Gear Review: The North Face Mountain 25 Tent

We have owned our North Face Mountain 25 – 2 person – 4 season tent for many many years now. It is one of our favorite tents.


This tent has performed exceptionally for us, it’s just awesome.  Our Mountain 25 has been on all kinds of adventures, in all kinds of terrains and in all kinds of weather.  It’s proven itself to us in Canada’s wilderness, spring, summer, fall and winter.  We’ve used it in the mountains, in the rainforest, in the woods, on the beach and in the snow.  We’ve used it on hot summer days and in blizzards.

We absolutely LOVE our Mountain 25 tent.  If you are looking for a 2 person – 4 season tent, this one’s been put to the test and has passed with flying colors!

Here are some of the reasons we adore this tent:

  • It’s a very high quality tent- The North Face has thought of everything – we cannot find anything negative to say about this tent.  It has performed for us time and time again.
  • The Mountain 25 keeps us warm and dry – always – no matter how much it’s pouring outside or how damp the forest is (British Columbia rain forests are damp, believe us – moss grows on everything!) – most tents have condensation problems – not this one – not ever!  Even my eye glasses would stay dry on those rainy cold and damp mornings – not the case in other tents – die hard campers know what I am talking about – foggy eye glasses!  Even in winter storms, you can feel a noticeable difference in temperature when you leave the tent – the double walls keep the wind out and the body heat in – without creating condensation – ever!  This is one of the best features of this tent – it is well ventilated, built with excellent material, very well designed, so it stays dry inside.


  • The North Face made the Mountain 25 sturdy and strong – when the weather turns stormy in the wilderness, reliable shelter is necessary.  The tent never makes a sound, no flapping in the wind, it stands tough and holds its ground against the fury of mother nature.  The zippers and screens are quality and we never have problems with snagging – we have a dog and he has scratched the screen with his paws – this has destroyed other tents’ screens – it never hurt the tough screen of the Mountain 25.   We had another tent that we paid a lot of money for (Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 backpacking tent) and the first day we used it, he made a tear in the screen with his paw.  We appreciated our North Face that much more that day….
  • Quality means durability.  We have used this tent for almost 7 years now and it looks new still.  We have never done any special maintenance to it.  We mostly put up a tarp over our tenting area, but not always. We keep it clean and always make sure we put it away dry – the tent in the picture is about 5 years old.
  • It is very easy to set up the Mountain 25 – my husband always does it alone.  It’s compact size means you can pitch it just about anywhere.  The tent is also freestanding so rocky surfaces are not a problem.
  • Although it’s not the lightest tent we own, it is the one that usually performs the best in our Canadian climate, you never know what the weather will do – it snows in summer in some parts and certainly at some of the elevations we like to climb to.  It’s not so heavy at 9 pounds that you can’t throw it on your backpack – my husband does it all the time!


We love the North Face as a company very much.  Why? Customer satisfaction!  We have had exceptional customer service from The North Face.  I like to be able to trust the companies I buy from.  The North Face really does stand behind it’s products.  Not only does it make superior quality gear (we own lots of The North Face equipment – coats, jackets, hats, pack sacks…) it stands behind it’s products.  The North Face has a lifetime warranty – LIFETIME!  And it honors it.

We have a real life testimonial about how The North Face delivers exceptional customer service.  This is our personal experience….

It was late fall, we had just recently purchased our The North Face Mountain 25 tent and we were going on the holiday of a lifetime!  We were in beautiful British Columbia and the rocky mountains were right there…. waiting for us.  We set off on our trip, but when we set up our tent, we noticed that one of the poles was damaged.  It was broken and not really usable. (We had bought the display tent from a store).  We were heading to Banff – we had reservations booked and we were in the middle of nowhere.  We called the 1-800 number and contacted The North Face directly in Quebec Canada.  After explaining the problem, The North Face apologized and asked us to send in the broken pole and they would gladly send us a new one – no charge.  We explained to the North Face that we did not have another tent and we needed the busted pole (that was now fixed – with duct tape – you guessed it) replaced before we could ship this defective one back.  We explained that we were in a remote location, shopping for a new tent pole was not an option.  The North Face agreed to trust us – yes – it did.  It sent us the defective pole to our closest location – general delivery to a post office and when we received it, we did our part.  We were so very appreciative.  This was (and still is) the highlight of my customer service experience of my life.  I have never had such good service – I brag about this to everyone who sees our tent….  “Do you know how awesome The North Face is?  This is what they did for me….” I LOVE The North Face because I can TRUST them.  You can’t say that about very many companies these days.

More reasons we like The North Face as a company is that they give back and they care about this planet. I like seeing companies think we like we do: “OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THE PLANET WE EXPLORE” – The North Face


camping and tile job brent 028

I highly recommend to anyone shopping for a superior quality 4 season tent – go get a North Face 25 4 season 2 person tent.

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