MywildBear – A Wild Black Bear Visits the Off Grid Cabin

MywildBear – A Wild Black Bear Visits the Off Grid Cabin

This summer we were very lucky to be visited by a black bear at the off grid cabin.  We took lots of amazing photos and videos – this bear turned out to be quite the source of amusement for us.

IMG_0642 (800x639)

From within our small cabin, we watched, photographed and filmed this magnificent creature.

IMG_0632 (800x533) (2)

The bear stayed for over an hour examining everything in our front yard.

IMG_0636 (800x533)

IMG_0642 (1280x853) (800x533)

Black bears are extremely curious animals.  They have a very keen sense of smell, their eyesight is not very good.

IMG_0653 (800x533) (2)

This bear spent time scratching his itchy mosquito bites on our woodpile – we took this photo and video – it was pretty funny.

IMG_0631 (800x521)

This bear was very interested in my hummingbird solar garden lights.  He gently pawed them and nibbled them – without damaging them one bit! This wild beast can be gentle when he chooses to.

IMG_0658 (1280x944) (800x590)I guess that gave him an appetite because after that he started eating the clover from our front lawn.  We took a video of him devouring the clover – as he gets devoured by mosquitoes.  He doesn’t even seem to notice the hundreds of them flying around him.


And then he went away.  And we did not see any bears all summer.


One Friday night at the off grid cabin…

IMG_1911 (800x600)It was 9 pm and Pompom, our Pomeranian was going ballistic!  There was a bear outside.  It was early September, the nights were colder and darkness came early.  Our black visitor was outside the cabin in the pitch black of night.  We had the gun loaded, just in case.

AFTER he left, my husband went outside and took photos of the paw prints he left on our door and cabin!!  This was a pretty curious bear!

IMG_1906 (800x600)Morning revealed just how curious he really was – at every window of the cabin the walls were marked by the black bear’s muddy paw prints!

IMG_1913 (800x585)

IMG_1915 (800x600) (2)

IMG_1917 (800x600)

IMG_1918 (800x600)This encounter reminded us how curious bears are and also to stay vigilant in bear country!  This bear had gone around the cabin BEFORE the dog started barking!

I was on edge for a few days, but the bear did not return…  and we continue to live happily at the off grid cabin alongside our bears…

IMG_0645 (800x521)

I love black bears.

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