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If  you love nature videos, camping videos and videos about Canada – then you are at the right place.  Enjoy!

Here are the latest video submissions:

@voyageurquest submitted this great video: Winter at the Algonquin Log Cabin:

It’s never too cold to get outside – with the right gear and the right preparations even you can go Camping in 30 Below Weather! This is one of our videos:

@kuze81 is looking forward to summer – enjoy his video: Pimisi Lake/Talon Chutes:

OK – it’s time for some cuteness! Who loves chipmunks? This is our video – filmed in our backyard:

@thecyr is also one of our followers – check out his amazing video – Winter Hiking in the Park:

This video was submitted by @mannaxc – Do you like mountain biking? Then watch this gorgeous video shot in British Columbia in Ellison Provincial Park

This is a video from our winter camping trip on xmas day 2014:

On December 14th – @GetOutdoorsS.ON this amazing video Canada Nature Escapes (CNE) Promotional Video:

@mhammond62 loves to share his videos also.  Here’s one of them:

On December 10th @Kuze81 submitted this video they shot in the Mattawa Ontario area:

You must be getting hungry by now. How about some of @Elfndragon’s famous Shepherd’s pie:

This is a video from our camping trip in Algonquin Park – fall 2014 – grab some popcorn,,,


It’s always good to hear from the experts when it comes to outdoor gear.  There is so much out there to chose from, gear reviews are a great way for us to share information with you.  It’s always good to get advice on products before shopping for them.  Here Mr. Adventure reviews some Kahtoola Microspikes ice grips:

and another of his: Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit 2013:

Canada is beautiful in the fall – Algonquin Park is famous for it’s colourful foliage – here is a video we shot in the fall of 2014:

In Canada, there are certain winter lessons one must learn:


Videos promoting important causes:


Mr. Adventure brings us more adventures:



In Canada, we know how to have fun in the winter.  After all, it’s #mywildCanada, isn’t it?



Here’s a song about the Northern Lights, eastern Canada style:



Making your own gear is fun, this is how to make a pop can stove:



I love it when you go camping and have encounters with wildlife:



In Canada, we are blessed with 4 seasons, people come from all over to see the fall colours.



Hunter, the 16 year old of one of @Two4Adventure created a logo for the #mywildCanada #Twittercampout T-shirts.  He is so talented! :



It’s not surprising that Mr. Adventure lives in Canada!  Here are some of his awesome videos!



And of course – one for Adventure is fun but Two4Adventure is even better!  One of the crew from Two4Adventure can be seen jumping in the water at 1:02 in the video:



And here is another video of theirs that they shared with us – thanks @Two4Adventure – what a great video!   And what a great song!



A winter lunch by the Campfire was shared by Canadian Voyageurs from their Youtube channel Thecrowdwillgather:



For our french crowd:  We have the following video:  Expedition Moisie 2012 Le Film shared by @SeventhLokas



@Omemee4U shared the following video:  Wildlife in the Kawartha Lakes:



We get a lot of followers from the United States like @ElfNdragon and her husband @cyrex056  – their contributions really make #mywildCanada awesome!  Look at these great videos they shared:



Explore150 Canada has shared this video!  Enjoy!



Canadian Voyageurs shared this funny video about a black bear that visited them!














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