The Speedo Challenge Blog

It was all done for charity.  Honestly.  All in the name of fun!

IMG_2482 (800x600)

This one is called “The Pose”,   Pose #1

For a $25 contribution to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) – #mywildCanada followers and friends received a gift of an autographed photo of Gerry from @CanadianVoyage in a Speedo.  All photos were taken in Algonquin Park, Canisbay Lake paddle in site.

Here are the photos generous contributors get to choose from…  Which is your favorite?  Vote in the comments below!!

Here is #2. The Ponderer

IMG_2484 (800x600)


#3 is called: “Take the time”

IMG_2492 (800x600)


And now for #4, “I’m 50 and I know it”

IMG_2485 (800x600)


There’s more….  Here is #5 – “The Canadian Rambo”

IMG_2486 (800x600)


#6:  “Take me to the water”

IMG_2487 (800x600)


#7 – “Where did I park my canoe?”

IMG_2483 (600x800)


#8 – “The warm up”

IMG_2488 (800x600)


#9 – “I wonder if Greenpeace is hiring?”

IMG_2489 (800x600)


#10 – “Speedolicious!”

IMG_2490 (800x600)


And finally, the last pose – #11: “The Wicked Paddler of the Park”

IMG_2493 (800x600)


To the ones who donated $25 and more – take your pick of the pics!  Gerry will autograph it (you know he’ll be famous some day!!!) and mail it to you.

Big THANKS to all who supported CPAWS – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and #mywildCanada!


Until next time…..  Paddle on!  And have a good day!

IMG_2481 (800x600)




  1. Ahahahahaha, Gerry rules! Not too many people in the world can make a speedo look “natural” like that, especially a teeny one. XD #8 still kills me, though, so many captions come to mind…”I see your Schwartz is a big as mine!” So #8 for me, please! XD

    #4, 9, and 10 are very close behind, though! Behind….which is barely covered….ahahahahaha, I just hope it wasn’t too nippy out while you were doing this. >> *thinks about it….still laughing* WILD, INDEED. XD XD XD


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